Friday, February 22, 2008

lag night in 3d lab~

the college computer is kinda laggy dis few days ......... connection slow.... maya is loading so long ..... wut the crap~~~

Thursday, February 21, 2008

my class showreel

this is a lil of what i have been doing, my group is the one with the skateboard and monkey suit kid

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


and so comes the day where flowers got a lil more expensive, fancy restaurant were packed with couples, so for me, i decided to do a lil cooking (1st time in my life @_@) sneaked in val's neighbor's house, in there i was given some crash course on how to cook rice and cook pasta =-= thanks to kawai king and ah snow, also not forgetting my cooking technical directors who taught me what stuff to buy (collin and jason leong)... any ways, i did cook for my 1st time, making rice balls with facial expressions and raw fish inside,

and cabonara sauce with sausages and salmon, had it at val's house

*sorry for the blurr shot.... had no tripod then~and for v day~ she got made me a soft toy bread plushie (warning... u may get addicted squeezing it...) and the rae anayami toy i wanted badly T_T thx so much~~~ ...

will update more om the process of the cooking~

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

V-day post

since i have been crapping alot, its time for some serious post... life has been a lil more to wakeless nights and sleepless mornings, any ways,.. its V-day, so my wish to....


happy v day to u 2, thanks so much for all you have taught me, for the times u stood by me, the times u had to tolerate me, and listening to all my nonsense, thanks so much for loving me as your child and introducing me to the most importing thing is my live,...

MY (crappy)BROTHER

happy v day to u~ dont go too horny today, crap u for annoying me, nevertheless... keep on rocking~ bring the house down, a LTD mh 50 is enough to rock the world for Him


happy v day to u, thanks for being such a ranter and rant listener, and especially for listening to my endless rants of the advantures of me~


happy v day to u2 ~ thanks for supporting me for this whole project~


ok~ the lovely was sarcasm, but u all rock, all of u, seriously,.. sorry not to mention your names but if i consider u my friend, whether junior, classmate, church friend, old friends.... i still remember u all~ ^_^


to you , u know who u are, thanks for accepting me for who i am, for being someone i can go to any time~ u mean alot to me, and to see u smile (even the seme way) yeap, makes me happy, and just keep on going, dun give up, i know u can do it, and all u just need is perseverance, and keep on praying, cuz i may not be with u all the time, but HE is with u.... just keep on going, dun give up, and u will someday be someone big, if u would just let Him handle it all...~ take care

thank God for em all~...

ok mush time over~ pic of the day....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

back to sunway

yes, it was back to college after the CNY break, nevertheless, the holiday spirit was still in me~~~ so it was yumcha day ~~so to throw away all my ang pau money, i went to starbucks to throw it away.. with.......miss indonesia and miss producer~~

2 uniddentified kawai and snowy people @_@

and an evil seme master =_=

which ended up trying to torture me T_T

and in the end she turned me into a ...............

GASPS!!!! too scary to show~ (the woman was too freaked out, see the hand covering her mouth)

Friday, February 8, 2008


happy chinese new year!!!! i as a pure malaysian chinese semi banana, celebrates the luna year with my family, so this would go without questioning.... TIME FOR ANG PAu!!!! TIME FOR FOOD!!!!!!!! TOME FOR BEER (only drank1 can T_T) cant really take it)!!!!! and yes , time for attacking chinese decorations....

notice i said "attacking??....

as friendly as these innocent trees look, they attack,... yes, these trees have attacked me 2 times alredy, it happens when i walk by these plants and without me noticing it hits me with its long thin branches, only when i was able to shake the branches off i cheated DEATH @_@ do not look at is as an innocent looking decoration/plant, they atack you! this kid better watch out before he gets beaten by the tree's branches @_@ anyways, enough of craping, i shall sign off, and go eat my kuen kaa pek, dun worry bout the tree, its just something i managed to crap out out of my sieaness, (my CNY isnt that interesting as other people T_T)

Monday, February 4, 2008


happy chinese new year every 1~ college is gonna be closed~~ YAY~~ its time to be gready and ask for ang paus, time to get fatter abd fatter, time to get unhealthy,and time to play illegal firecrackers in which the police has banned~~ YAY!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008


clock strikes 4(morning)....... lights in the lab switches off (usually happends to save electricity)....

im still slacking, and my mood for animating is totally gone.... GONE.... all i feel like doing now is NOTHING,.... been slacking lately, and work is piling up,... ARRRGHHHH!!!!!!!
an update on post 6:30.... i ended up doing nothing....