Sunday, June 29, 2008


went with kuanwin,tingwei, mandy and cizy to urbanscapes, here are some pics

they had some plays, a cool market, some guys playing drums, lapsap in the outdoor party, poetry smash, and most of all..... love me butch~~~


LOST in the middle of dunno where @_@..... i took this bus hoping it will take me back home,... which is only 5-8 minutes drive..... but it ended up taking me whole of PJ ending up in kota damansara @_@..... and i have no idea where it is.....these are some pics, sorry for the shaky images,.... it was too dark

Friday, June 20, 2008

100% done!!!!!! only 1 more week for resting

yeap the final is done~ its time to go work =_= i only have 2 weeks for relaxing,... in which 1 week has gone.... here are some screenshots

having done this it kinda gives me some time to cam whore..... and finally rest..... while.....

Monday, June 9, 2008

final project 97% done~

final project almost done!!! except for the final touch ups~ but its still sleepless nights for me =_=~~ doing some evaluation thingy.... went for interview at igloo.... any ways, watch out for Copywright... coming soon... very very soon.... in youtubes near you,..... if you do not understand pls ask me for explanation, but i hope u do.... and... some pics i have taken with my slr... kuanwin, dun need to take from me 1~ hahahahaa....
photoshopped image...

i found yuki in 10 years time @_@

some freak @-@

who climbs under the chairs

polka polka