Saturday, March 21, 2009

life in bristol so far

sorry i have not blogged in a long time... does anyone read this blog @_@~?? any ways, i shall update this blog with whats been happening in bristol so far... spring is almost here, but this post is kinda like how my life is like in bristol so far...

i cook... almost 5 days a week... pasta, noodles, fried rice, lamb chops, and sandwiches, im trying to cook more, but here are the pics of some of the food i did manage to cook,

occasionally my malaysian friends cook with me during weekends, well more like my they cook, hahaha,

and this is my room... small room

and not forgetting my shoes...

and pics of around where i live, (the church is on my way to my church..... i go to another church not this 1..) and pics of the fearless cactus names bahambug

and i spotted 1 of bansky's famous works,