Tuesday, May 20, 2008

u r .. my fire....

the dahl road...

i am taking the dahl road, but dun forget, i will always walk beside the curry road, at times going to the curry road to help u out, and pour some dahl inside it make it less spicy, ... will be there....

Friday, May 9, 2008

advantures in mt kinabalu =_=

as many have known, recently i made a trip up to mount kinabalu, the tallest mountian in malaysia, and this is my trip...

the air asia flight to kota kinabalu (vals hometown too and the home to SABAH TEA @_@)

some of the people i climbed with~ jeremy, yong may, chong kiat

this is my family~ happy looking guy gonna vomit later =_=

they vomit 1st so they will not vomit on the climb up =_=

upon arrival we had our lunch in some chicken rice shop (it was supposed to be the famous chicken rice but val say it isnt =_=)

my mum enjoying the food (and y is she actually eating the cucumber)

after lunch we made our way up the small town of kundasang where will stay there for a night before we start the climb~~

fresh fruits at kundasang ~~ the pineapples were so nice i bit my mouth 2 times =_=

at merci lou (i dunno how to spell that) the gates of terror =_=

the nice hotel we stayed that night

the climbers~

the merci lau trail up... to get up to kinabalu, they are 2 trails, 1 timpohon and the other one, mercilau, the one i climbed... timpohon is only 6 km up to the rest house, while,... the one i took was 8 km more =_=.... 2KM more!!!! it was more tiring and .... well terrible T_T

but never the less... the (blue screened like) sceneries were too beautiful not to go that trail... btw those were real.... no blu screen.... my college friends says it looks like blu screen

as we got further up, the trees got shorter and shorter,...

the rest house where we had a buffet dinner, stayed for the night,...and from there we would leave at 2 in the morning =_= to hike up the last 2 km

managed to reach there just in time for the sunrise,... (in which i puked 2 times on the way up, and 1ce on the summit =_=)

notice my overly white face ( not prepared for the cold+puked+mountian sickness=whiteface)

the wavelike peak featured on the 2 ringgit note)

the porter... the guys are able to carry 4-5 sometimes more, gas tanks, food suplied, and even building materials up to the rest house, they go up the peak like 3 times a week @_@

finally we reached the bottom of the mountian using the shorter trail =_=

on this board states the record holders for climbing up the hill, and the fastest time up is actually around 2 hours 30 minutes @_@

sabah tea, the tea that saved my life

after we reached down we styed at pine resort

and my camera had to go out of batterey =_= so no pics then on~ but thats the end of the story here,.. hahaha

another story is,... on the way up to the summit i was actually starting to feel my mountian sickness, u start to puke, feel really exhausted, when u have it. so there was this very nice guide,(usually kadazan dusun ethnic people who grew up there, and are many many many times fitter than any regular guy) who cheered and encouraged me all the way up, she was actually a woman @_@ and when they were walking on rock and climbing up... their felt seemed to be like glued to the rock @_@... and so i managed to make it up to the summit.... i guess i stayed there a little too long... making me cold and adding to my mountian sickness..... i started to get real sick, i had to walk real slowly,.... leaving me very very far behind.... and puking~ hahaha, but this guide, another guide,... followed me all the way down, advising me encouraging me when i really thought i had to be carried down, she told alot about how living there was like, the experiences she had, and surprisingly talked bout water =-= thanks to my bro who went up to meet me from the rest house ( wahahahah that guy did not get to go up, thx fo mountian sickness... as well as over eating the breafast =_=)...
so this is a salute to those kadazan dusun guides who spends their lives guiding, protecting and ensuring the climber's happiness in the hike

ok they do not really look like that =_= thats their traditional costume, they wear mordern clothes, some even climb in cheap convers like shoes @_@

Thursday, May 1, 2008

finally graduated

its finally time to graduate after 3 whole years of slaving away in my college, kinda unbelievable for me to finally be a graduate ad hold a diploma, any ways here are the pictures, i am the one with the mickey mouse tie =_= pls dun laugh at my choice of ties...

before the ceramony while waiting to get the robes

the girls of my class =_= missing 1 who decided to sleep while waiting for the ceremony to start

starting soon...

starting soooon.... (lecturer)

STARTING SOOOONNN!!! inside the hall

arrgh! why did i post the same pic in

ceremony has started~~~

finally i graduate @_@

the usual throwing hat event(which i do not know what it means but its jus a wholeload fun throwing those hats around and watching some people's face being hit by them)

with juwita compositor


part of class dg51

jason han chong, and wan sim

angulu, duck, racoon,_, justin, gi

the J pose =-=


same as above, in yellow light =-=

charr siew pao=_= (my grad campaign shooting group)

posing for ultra mayin




the nigh was filled with tears and hugs,.. NOT! well it was filled with fun, bad food (according to people) and a whole load of picture taking, my major, somehow, spent more time camwhoring than other majors..... it ended with a yumcha session at char chanteng....any ways congrats to all of batch 51 as well as batch 48