Wednesday, April 23, 2008

eugene calls it another day....

i call it another day!

working on the motion graphics,.... SO MANY LAYERS!!!!!!!!! the list of layers still goes on

Friday, April 18, 2008

sick and stress!!!!

sorry for the crappy drawing, had no time so i simply did it

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Home swt Home

its been 2 weeks or more, i shifted back to my own home, no more living in sunway. now.. i have to travel to college... not like last time where it was just a walk away. but its better in a way i have home cooked food as well as cleaner air back home... well i do miss the sunway house... here are some pictures of it

i was saying bye to my house,... a house with alot of memories @_o weird ones... not as weird as the power ranger dream

Friday, April 11, 2008

power rangers dream@_@

its like 5.32 in the morning,... then some guy decides to watch power rangers from youtube... it somehow kinda gave me a flashback... reminded me of my dream when i was a kid. back then when the power rangers hype was going everywhere... (which i was in too..) i had this dream... it was one fine evening when the power rangers visited my house,.. they were in normal form, no suit and stuff, if i was not wrong, in my dream, my dad greeted them for thier surprise visit, funny how i forgot the rest, and only remembered the ending part,... which is also the wieardest part,... where after dinner with the power rangers at my house,... my mum was washing the dishes,.... pink ranger was playing with my bro (which also was his fav power ranger), red ranger looking very mature was overlooking, so i decided to check on the other rangers,... that were bathing upstairs @_@ .... and when i got up there, the black, blue, and yellow were argueing on who bathes 1st,... in the bathroom,.. abd the wieardest part... they were naked @_@ ... yea its a very very very wieard dream... but thats what i dremt when i was a kid... sounds soo wrong now,... @_@