Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post from Marseille

Bonjour! Sabrina, Sasa and I arrived Toulon on tuesday night... stayed 1 hour away from toulon city centere... my first experience in a small french town... people were friendly and everyone buys french loafs in the morning, that loaf is to them like rice is to chinese.

i did visit the city of toulon, which was quite a nice place, but getting there was kinda hard for my hostel was more than 1 hour away from it... speaking to the locals, was like a duck speaking to a chicken,....

the day after that, surviving on biscuits and bread (food is expensive here), we managed to visit the town of Cures, a small but beautiful town...

After crues,... we took the train to our next destination... Marseille. Being 1 of the oldest city in france... it is filled with old buildings and historical locations... Tomorrow will be visiting them... will update more =D Merci Beaucoup~!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

im pompey

i might have to move again.... to somewhere else.... =_= anyways, am in portsmouth, was in brighton and southmpton, will upload pics soon, if i can squeeze the time before i go to france.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


just came back from bath, the day before woon bing left and i was camping with Kai just to be the first few in line for the last day of banksy's show, will blog about it if i ever get to it.... but just check this out

i would only get this if i were a really rich man to encourage my kids to take pictures =_=

*oh yea update on my new bike =D