Tuesday, September 1, 2009


just came back from bath, the day before woon bing left and i was camping with Kai just to be the first few in line for the last day of banksy's show, will blog about it if i ever get to it.... but just check this out

i would only get this if i were a really rich man to encourage my kids to take pictures =_=

*oh yea update on my new bike =D


cheezy said...

Gah! Bike! And is that a 50D @__@ omg Doraemon! Good strategy to get your kids into photography lolz

Mimi said...

wow, i would have gotten one XD DORAEMON!!! nah, set my eyes on lx3

Dang gene, how much u payed for tat bike, looks awesome

3ug3n3 said...

xw: yep, its a 50D doremon dlsr XD!!!! hahahaha

mimi: hahaha my friend uses lx3, its quite good, quite pro also, hahaha, and my bike was 80 pounds leh, 75 for bike, 5 for pump

Mimi said...

yeah myfren too, but i've changed my mind, i'm waiting for the new GH-1 to come out in bout 1-2 months time, its like in between lx3 and G1 of Lumix

weeeeeeeeeeeeee, btw how r u goin 2 bring ur bike back?

3ug3n3 said...

im not going to bring lu~ if i come back, i either keep it until i go back to UK, or i sell it