Saturday, September 5, 2009

im pompey

i might have to move again.... to somewhere else.... =_= anyways, am in portsmouth, was in brighton and southmpton, will upload pics soon, if i can squeeze the time before i go to france.


cheezy said...

France? OMG... Is that why you're learning French? Jealous!~

And why are you moving so often *__* Class's not starting yet?

3ug3n3 said...

XD i am not really learning french, hehehe, im just using the online translator, and i have a mini french phrase book =D but, yea, classes do not really start until the end of the month.... sadly, the landlord had a miscomm with the housemates and i accidently went into the room that was taken =_=~ thats y i have to move

cheezy said...

Accidentally? Wtf? The landlord made a mistake right, does this mean he/she'll refund you? Or at least have another vacancy for you? D8

swtness, online dictionary, I've learn that it's useful for words, not phrases D8

3ug3n3 said...

HAHA! i got back half my rent, since i stayed there for 2 weeks already, and yea the mistake was miscommunication, now im being like julian, staying in the hall of my friend's house, haha, im getting another house when im back from france, hahaha